Managing your team’s communication in a remote environment and ensuring it is professional and effective

Have you noticed your team members are saying things in email and slack that are inappropriate or a bit too bold? Well, the laptop has replaced the water cooler as the gathering place for office communication.   And as a result, many of your team members may be communicating with clients in a casual and sometimes rude manner that they would never do in person. Non personal communication is creating a less than professional work environment. So how do you manage your team’s communication when slack, instant messaging, emails and ZOOM all drive the day-to-day communication?

Join Denise Rosenblum, President, Dynamic Development, as she will help your team members understand how to improve their communication skills and adapt them for a professional remote work environment. This is a great opportunity for you to purchase the webinar for your team and entire company. Everyone can benefit from this workshop!  Key takeaways:

  • Remote does not mean casual. Communication still needs to be professional and effective.
  • The importance of setting guidelines and expectations with your colleagues about what remote communication means.
  • Reading the Zoom-how your body language impacts communication and how to adapt it accordingly.
  • Be aware of tone in both verbal and written communication.
  • Learn to identify what type of communication people need and how to address different situations with varied communication.
  • Over communicate. Let the audience tell you if you say too much.
  • Establish ground rules for effective dialogue and meetings.
  • The importance of keeping the office culture alive and having communication channels for non-work communication.
  • Make room for 1-on-1 communication and why this is so important.
  • How to manage your team members when their communication borders on edgy and becomes emotional and too bold.

Who should attend:

All client facing team members

This is a  good webinar to be viewed by the entire team