Managing Creatives

Managing people is a tough job. Managing creative people, while dealing with clients needs and still producing a quality product, is the toughest job.

Creative people are orchids, yet the business environment is a desert. The two at odds with each other. This tension can create a toxic environment. Managed correctly, this tension can create an environment that celebrates great work while improving the agencies reputation with clients.

But with a thoughtful approach you can get creative people to produce better solutions (= happy clients) and have a happy and fulfilled creative department.

Key takeaways:

  • Creating the perfect creative environment that has integrity at its core
  • Creating the correct behaviors and expectations
  • How to select the best work that helps the creatives feel empowered
  • How to protect the idea when dealing with client’s feedback without destroying relationships
  • Learn how not be a ‘dick’ yet demand the best work

Who should attend:

Creative staff, creative managers, account managers, anyone working with the creative team

About Ross Chowles:

For 36 years Ross created and collaborated on advertisements that had an impact on client’s brands. In 1994, Ross co-founded The Jupiter Drawing Room in Cape Town, Africa’s most awarded independent agency.

Over the years, The Jupiter Drawing Room has won awards in all the major award shows. Ross has had the privilege of judging all over the globe, from Canada to South Korea, including judging The One Show (New York) and Cannes Lions (France). In 2015, Ross was appointed to the international board of the One Club for Creativity. The real skill that Ross picked up in advertising is the ability to understand people and how to motivate them. This manifested in his teaching, both to his staff and to his students. In 2017, he was appointed to The One Club’s main board with the portfolio of education.

In 2016, Ross left the industry to become a Professor in Michigan State University’s Advertising and Public Relations department, where he teaches branding, the creative process, how to create commercial video, ideation techniques and entrepreneurial thinking.