Innovation 2019: Emerging Trends in Digital Marketing

What new challenges are coming in 2019 that you’ll need to be aware of?  Where can you get ahead of the curve and bring new ideas to your clients?  Which new technologies might be useful for you?

 On December 13 join Jeremy Kagan who will highlight the most promising innovations likely to impact your agency and clients in 2019. 

Jeremy will review any changes on last year’s technology to watch, and where the hype hasn’t yet caught up with the reality.  Our focus will be on staying one step ahead on the most useful areas in the agency marketplace.

We’ll review of some of the most important social, mobile and creative technology trends that will be talked about in 2019 from a strategic viewpoint, with some practical insights on what you can use for clients today.  This webinar is a guide to where clients will need your expert advice in the near future, and where to build your agency skills.

Key takeaways:

  • How Mobile’s march continues to dominate and steps to be taken with Mobile
  • Voice Search and its marketing impacts
  • Innovations in Gaming and e-sports
  • Influencer marketing and its impact on consumers
  • The use of AR and VR in retail
  • Trends in AI and chatbots.

 Who should attend?

 This webinar is ideal for all agency staff but essential for those people charged with inspiring and leading your clients in Strategy, New Business, Account, Planning and Creative teams.  If you have or want to have input on what’s new and exciting for clients and where to look for growth… this webinar is for you.

About Jeremy Kagan:

Jeremy Kagan is Professor of Digital Marketing at Columbia Business School. He is a recent author of the new textbook Digital Marketing: Strategy & Tactics, and is Managing Director of the Lang Entrepreneurship Center at The Columbia University Business School. Kagan has been working in digital media for more than a decade, at IBM as a strategy consultant, in Sony Music’s Global Digital Business, where he headed global mobile accounts, and as the head of strategy at a digital agency.