Improve Your RFP Win Rate with Chris Shumaker and Hasan Ramusevic — RESCHEDULED – DATE TBD



Gain momentum by using your response as a strategic Trojan horse.  

Despite how most agencies feel about completing the dreaded RFP or RFI, the fact of the matter is, they are not going away in the foreseeable future. RFPs are a screening tool that will be around for a while longer. So, rather than work against them, work with them and give your response a competitive advantage.

How? By recognizing it for what it is – a strategic medium to make a lasting and compelling impression upon the reader; an impression that leaves the reader thinking, “I’ve got to meet these people!”

The RFP stage is when an agency faces more competitors than at any other stage in the review process. It is an elimination round, not a pick a winner round. Learn how to not only put your best foot forward, but to leap ahead in the process. 

Join Chris Shumaker, President of Hasan + Shumaker Consulting and former CMO, The Martin Agency and Global CMO, FCB Worldwide as he shares insights and strategies to responding to RFP/RFI’s in way that will set your response apart from your competition.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn how to strategically interrogate the RFP to set yourself up for success
  • Read between the lines and find the hidden agenda of each question
  • Understand and appreciate the bigger strategic initiative in play
  • Identify and leverage what matters most to the reader
  • Learn how the response will be read and evaluated and by whom
  • Get them at “hello” by using a compelling and relevant theme
  • Demonstrate enthusiasm while not crossing the line
  • Make your cases scream relevance and valuable experience
  • Prove collaboration with your clients in your case studies
  • Breathe new life into your team bios that makes the reader want to meet them
  • Design and write for people who don’t like to read
  • Answer questions you don’t want to answer
  • Set yourself a part and grab more than your fair share of attention.

Who should attend:

Competitive people who are looking for an edge. Leaders of agencies who delegate who will create the response so they can direct and support a new way, and the people charged with actually doing the work so they can understand and enhance along the way.

About Chris Shumaker:

Chris Shumaker’s career spans over 35 years including roles as a client conducting reviews, a search consultant running reviews, and as an agency CMO winning reviews. Chris has responded successfully to RFPs for over 20 years and now he is writing and evaluating them on behalf of marketers as partner with review consultant Hasan Ramusevic.

Chris has been exclusively in agency new business since 1995 leading business development for The Martin Agency, Grey North America, Publicis USA and globally for FCB Worldwide. He is a regular instructor of new business for the 4As Institute for Advanced Advertising Studies and is a founding member of the 4As New Business Committee. Chris most recently spoke at the 4As Management Conference in the Spring on the subject of “Winning a Pitch Without the Winning Work” and he helps clients find the best fitting agencies and helps agencies find the best fitting clients.