How to update your agency operating model to supercharge your performance: Better work, stronger financials, passionate employees

Helping your clients deliver effective brand communications is more complicated than ever.

New communication opportunities for brands to interact with consumers seem to pop up every day. As the number of channels continues to rise, consumer buying behavior continues to evolve. They expect seamless, personalized experiences across all of their touchpoints. 

In return, clients expect agencies to deliver an increasing volume of omnichannel content with a faster speed to market than ever before. Unfortunately, due to the way most agencies operate today, it’s challenging for them to keep up in an effective and profitable manner. The reasons:

  • Functional silos limit creativity and collaboration.
  • High-value talent is assigned to low-margin work.
  • Traditional management mindsets stifle employee engagement.
  • Over-engineered processes rob teams of time and slow down delivery.
  • Inward thinking distracts teams from optimizing value and outcomes for clients.
  • Employee behaviors and decision-making habits don’t support the agency’s strategic goals.

Continuing with business as usual will eventually put agency margins, client relationships and employee retention rates at risk.

Join industry expert Brian Kessman for this insightful webinar on how to transform your agency for extraordinary performance. You will learn how to create a game-changing, agency-wide operational system that results in:

  • Strategic and operational alignment across the agency.
  • Stronger integrated work.
  • Faster workflow.
  • Less costly and easier-to-manage projects.
  • Greater client satisfaction.
  • Greater employee engagement.
  • A culture of experimentation, learning, and continuous improvement.

Key takeaways:

  • The foundational first step for improving agency performance.
  • How to restructure for optimal agency performance.
  • How to ensure your agency has the right skills and experience.
  • Obstacles to improving project performance and speed.
  • Strategies to overcome those obstacles.
  • Agency performance metrics that uncover areas for improvement.
  • Downloadable resources to initiate change in your agency.

Who should attend:

  • C-suite members who are invested in stronger agency performance.
  • HR and Talent Directors who want to help lead organizational change.
  • Directors of agency disciplines that want better cross-functional collaboration.
  • Account managers who want to be more strategic for their clients.
  • Project managers who wish to lead high-performing teams.
  • Producers who want to produce a higher quality of work.

About Brian Kessman:

Brian is the founder and principal consultant of Lodestar Agency Consulting. He is devoted to helping creative agencies get more value from their clients and employee relationships by optimizing their business strategies and introducing modern operating models. Learn more at