How to update your agency operating model to supercharge your performance: Better work, stronger financials, passionate employees

Agency growth strategies and organizational models are misaligned with the needs and expectations of today’s clients and talent.  Most brand marketers want best-in-class specialists to fill specific gaps between their expanding range of in-house capabilities. They also expect their agencies to deliver with increasing levels of speed, nimbleness, and cost-effectiveness.

Our workforce has also evolved. Today’s talent expects a new kind of day-to-day work experience. However, traditional management principles, organizational structures, and processes don’t match up, making it difficult to attract and retain top talent. Unfortunately, many agencies haven’t properly refocused their strategy or updated their operating model for these market conditions. This is evident in less-than-desirable performance and effectiveness.

An unfocused growth strategy results in:

  • Broad, costly, and undifferentiated marketing efforts
  • Internal misalignment about your core strengths and who your right-fit clients are
  • Low win rates outside of your local area
  • Clients not respecting your recommendations, pricing, or process
  • Slow financial growth / poor profitability

An outdated operating model results in:

  • Client concerns about turn-around time
  • Rework, late delivery, or low margins
  • Siloed disciplines / poorly integrated work
  • Unclear roles and responsibilities
  • Inconsistent processes and quality
  • Too many people in too many meetings
  • Lack of accountability; low team morale

Agencies that are willing to unlearn what they know today and begin thinking, organizing, and working in unconventional ways will be among the leading agencies of the future. Agencies need to move beyond adopting the best practices of their competitors and begin establishing their own “next practices.”

What you’ll learn

We’ll cover three questions to help you begin winning more of your ideal clients and delivering better work, faster, with lower costs. They are:

  1. Do you have a focused and differentiating business strategy for current market conditions?
  2. Is your operating model aligned with your strategy and optimized for client and employee expectations?
  3. Are you regularly evaluating your strategy and operating model to remain competitive?

Your key takeaways will include:

  1. Examples of agencies with a strong business strategy
  2. How to determine if your own strategy is incomplete
  3. How to align your business strategy and operating model
  4. Why traditional agency structure is slow and costly, and how to change it
  5. Principles for creating a high-performing agency
  6. How the role of a manager is changing, and why you may need fewer of them
  7. Proven day-to-day practices of high-performing organizations
  8. A model for cultural and organizational change (how to avoid change fatigue)

Who should attend

  • Agency owners
  • CEOs, COOs, CFOs and other C-suite executives
  • Presidents, Managing Directors
  • Heads of marketing, business development, and account services
  • Heads of production and delivery

About Brian Kessman

Brian Kessman believes agencies need to unlearn today’s best practices and begin working in unconventional, differentiating ways to remain relevant and sustain their success.

As the Principal Consultant, Brian works with agency leaders to refine their positioning strategies and operating models to balance the needs of their clients, employees, and the business. He guides agencies to create an environment where people can find meaning and passion in their work. He sheds siloed structures and traditional workflows in exchange for new operating principles, value-driven teams, and lightweight processes that improve the quality of work while reducing costs.

As a foundation for change, Brian coaches agency leaders on how to create the space, time, and psychological safety for teams to test and debate new ways of working to produce the best work of their lives.

Brian’s expertise comes from over twenty years working in the agency and management consulting space. He is a frequent speaker for industry associations such as AMIN Worldwide, TAAN Worldwide, Worldwide Partners, MAGNET Global, the Bureau of Digital, and others. He is also a former judge for the Favorite Website Awards (the FWA).