How To Build A Major Agency (in 3 not so easy steps) with Jon Bond

When it comes to building a major, successful agency, Jon Bond has been there, done that.

At the age of 29, Jon Co-founded Kirshenbaum Bond + Partners, a New York City advertising agency that pioneered guerilla marketing techniques including sidewalk advertising, pop up stores, and other forms of what would eventually come to be known as viral marketing…and the rest is history as the agency became one of the largest independently held agencies in the world ($1BB in Billings ).

Join Jon Bond as he shares his insights on:

  • Agency positioning including how to differentiate your agency from the pack (90% of U.S. agencies are not differentiated) and the “test” to see if you’ve differentiated the agency
  • How to get your agency on the map
  • How to get invited to the pitch, courtesy of eminent psychologist Carl Jung
  • Critical steps needed to grow the agency
  • Becoming a regional superpower
  • 3 new business “must do’s” that you probably aren’t doing
  • “Specialist” vs. generalist agencies
  • The stupidest things I’ve ever done that sounded brilliant at the time.

Jon will be providing plenty of examples of what he has successfully implemented at KB+P, and examples of first hand experiences that he learned the hard way as to what NOT to implement.  

  Key takeaways:

  • How to get your agency from the “minor leagues” to  the Majors, including how to overcome the inevitable periods of stagnation when growth tends to plateau
  • Getting paid… and why it’s about more than margins
  • New business math
  • Self-promotion without being seen as self-promoting
  • Retention as a growth engine
  • How to institutionalize your strengths
  • Why culture is your true sustainable differentiator.

Who should attend:

The webinar content is designed for all disciplines who are interested in growing their agencies—from C-Suite to CFOs to Account Service and so on.

About Jon Bond:

Jon Bond is one of the advertising and marketing industry’s most recognized thought leaders and entrepreneurs. He has developed several significant companies and marketing concepts over his 30-year career.

Jon was Co-founder and CEO of Kirshenbaum Bond and Partners (KBP). KBP was arguably the original “word of mouth” agency, well before social media appeared on the scene. KBP was the first to develop the modern multi-disciplinary, integrated agency and created the first pop-up store, and built one in only 18 hours for the television show The Apprentice.  After his earn out from MDC, Jon was CEO of social media agency Big Fuel, which he subsequently sold to Publicis.

Bond has appeared on CNN, The Today Show and 20/20. In 1997, Jon published Under The Radar, co-written with colleague Richard Kirshenbaum. The book, which showcased innovative and effective marketing techniques, was translated into five languages and sold 40,000 hard cover copies.