How to Adopt Agile Principles and Lean Philosophy to Keep Up with Modern Marketers

Marketers are evaluating agency partners based on a new set of criteria that goes beyond creativity – your speed, agility, and value.

Forward-thinking CMOs are transforming their organizations to increase the nimbleness of their teams. Industry research reports continue to confirm that “Agile marketing” adoption rates are rising among in-house marketing teams. 

As an agency leader, you need to know the following:

  1. How in-house marketers are using Agile.
  2. How you can adapt your agency to work well with Agile clients.

Why is this important? An agency’s speed and agility have become a significant factor in winning new work and retaining clients. 

Join industry expert Brian Kessman as he provides practical guidance on how agencies can deliver higher-quality work with greater speed and effectiveness. Learn how to adopt Agile principles and Lean philosophy at your agency’s leadership and team levels to keep up with modern marketing clients.

Attendees will gain new perspective and insight into how they can achieve:

  • Increased team productivity
  • Faster delivery of value to clients
  • Greater transparency and accountability
  • The ability to quickly change project direction
  • Stronger innovative and digital-first thinking.

Key takeaways:

  • How agencies should approach agility
  • Obstacles most agencies struggle with that prevent agility.
  • The three key pieces to have in place for successful agile adoption.

Who should attend:

  • C-suite members who are invested in stronger agency performance through organizational agility
  • Directors of agency disciplines that want better cross-functional collaboration
  • Account managers who want to be more strategic for their clients
  • HR and Talent Directors who want to help lead organizational change
  • Project managers who wish to lead high-performing teams
  • Producers who want to produce a higher quality of work.

About Brian Kessman:

Brian is the founder and principal consultant of Lodestar Agency Consulting. He is devoted to helping creative agencies get more value from their clients and employee relationships by optimizing their business strategies and introducing modern operating models. Learn more at