How Agencies Make (and Lose) Money: What every account/creative/digital/media person needs to know about agency finances

After years in the business, we all understand how the agency makes money but people in the first few years of their career benefit hearing not just how the agency makes and loses money, but what they can do to make a positive impact on the bottom line.  Helping your team better understand their role in the team and agency finances can go a long way toward making your highly effective team, a highly profitable team and one of the quickest paths to stardom at an agency is running a profitable client/team/department.

Colleges spend their time and attention helping students prepare for their role at the agency but spend virtually no time helping students understand how the students can both positively and negatively impact agency profitability.  A better understanding of agency finances can help to give team members a more well-rounded look at the industry and make small changes to their work that could have significant changes on profitability.

Have your team join Mark Schnurman for a webinar on the agency profitability and what we can all do to positively impact the profitability of an account.  This webinar is designed to be shared with teams, as a result registration will be limited to small and large conferences room options.

Key takeaways:

  •        How agencies make money
  •        Where the agency revenue is spent
  •        How write offs impact profitability
  •        How to eliminate or minimize write offs
  •        Understanding when meetings go from a dialog to a negotiation
  •        When to escalate an issue and ask for help
  •        How to use simple negotiation techniques to achieve a better outcome

Who should attend:

Account/Creative/Digital/Planning/Media team members that are in the first few years of their career.  This is not a webinar for finance people but a webinar for people outside of the finance department about what they need to know about profitability.

NOTE: This webinar is intended to be view in a conference room with people from different teams and/or departments so that they can all see how their job impacts the bottom line. As a result, the workshop is only offered in Conference Room Only formats.

About Mark Schnurman:

Mark Schnurman is President of Filament Inc. and has spent the last 20 years working with agencies throughout the world helping them better articulate their ideas to their clients.  Because Filament Inc. only works in the advertising industry, Mark has a keen understanding of the issues that can get in the way of agency profitability and what the day to day staff can do to help.

Mark’s clients include The Martin Agency, Leo Burnett, Saatchi & Saatchi, Abelson Taylor and Razorfish just to name a few, helping them sell their best ideas to clients and grow the agency.