Happy client or profitable client? Ways to have both

Many agencies (and account people) feel that keeping their client happy means giving in on extra deliverables, tighter deadlines, and creative adjustments that are often out-of-scope.  Some clients will brazenly announce “Your agency needs to invest in our business.”  Granted, this is obnoxious but, the bigger issue is the more your agency tries to keep the client happy by giving in, the more the relationship erodes.

You know the relationship has eroded when the client starts to treat the agency as an order-taker, internal morale issues begin to surface (typically conflicts between account and creative) and turnover increases.  Adding insult to injury, turnover and poor morale/productivity are expensive in addition to conceding to “freebies”.

During this session Pam Bloore will cover ways to shift your client relationship from order-taker to advisor.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to create an advisory tone and change the client/agency relationship dynamic
  • How to increase perceived value for your agency’s offerings and recommendations
  • How to plan and negotiate internally with your team to gain better leverage
  • How to say no
  • How to increase credibility and trust in the relationship
  • How to navigate client pressure tactics

Who should attend:

Any client-facing account team member, including more junior staff since frequently the first point of contact is where the pressure begins, making it more difficult for senior account staff to recuperate footing.

About Pam Bloore:

Pam is one of the co-founders of Filament Inc. and has worked with many agencies to help them navigate numerous client and internal relationships and negotiations. Some of Pam’s well-known clients include Huge, The Martin Agency, Leo Burnett, McCann and Publicis to name a few.