Getting To Wow: Turning Boring Business Data Into Stories That Sell

Big data has forever transformed the advertising business and not just in digital marketing and social media. Whether it is budget levels or campaign performance, in account management, media and analytics, everyone is required to prove their opinions.

Unfortunately, most senior agency leaders and clients lament that while their people are good at getting the numbers right, they need to do a better job of getting people on board with their conclusions.

So how do you convince the typical naysayers and penny pinchers that you’re right? 

Most people resort to the proverbial data dump, stuffing their audiences with pie chart after pie chart and mind-numbing minutiae until they get the inevitable “You’ve given us a lot to think about” or “We’ll get back to you.”

You can’t bore people into agreement. Instead of anesthetizing your next audience with stats and graphs, learn how to translate facts into insights that connect the dots leading to simple, powerful ideas.

Join former Account, Creative and Marketing Director Jeff Hiller as he demonstrates winning principles with numerous real world before and after examples.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn how to craft an intriguing narrative from typical business data
  • Simplify complex ideas and express in an engaging way
  • Make points more memorable, relateable and motivating.

Who should attend:

Managers, Supervisors and Directors in all areas involved in reviewing data, developing recommendations or reporting to agency or client teams.

About Jeff Hiller:

Jeff Hiller is an agency consultant, workshop leader and founder of Highbar Training. Jeff started his career at Leo Burnett Chicago, becoming VP/Account Director and earning 7 EFFIE Awards. He later was Marketing/ Creative Director for the Houston Rockets; VP/Marketing for Four Hands Imports, a 3-time Inc. 500 Fastest Growing company and Director of Programs for JB Training. 

Jeff conducts 100+ workshops a year on business skills, management and sales for agencies including Omnicom, IPG and Publicis groups and client companies including Phillips 66, Marriott and Eli Lilly. He graduated with High Honors from Dartmouth College and lives in Austin, TX.