Getting More PR For The Agency: Be the same effective storyteller for your agency and for your clients

You’ve heard the old fable about the cobbler’s children going barefoot? Cliché, sure, but it often applies to ad agencies. We are very good at building our clients’ reputations, but not always good at applying those some talents to building our own.

There was a time, not long ago,  when there were reporters at a number of publications and sites who specifically covered agency news.  Those days are largely gone. But that doesn’t mean the opportunities to get coverage for your agency are gone too. In fact, there are more places than ever to share our stories.

It’s not easy, and takes time and discipline. But not as complicated as you might think. You’ve already got the resources you need, even if you don’t currently have a formal PR effort. And making a committing to create and maintain an agency PR program can yield great payoffs. Recognition for your agency is good for new business, talent recruitment and agency morale.

On March 12, join agency PR veteran Eric Webber to discuss how to create an effective PR strategy for your agency or to enhance the program you already have.

Key takeaways:

  • Who at your agency should own the PR process?
  • Setting realistic expectations for the kind and amount of coverage you should seek
  • Taking stock of what you’ve got to offer
  • What makes for a good story, and what doesn’t?
  • Determining and prioritizing where and when you should be telling your story
  • How to become a source for reporters; better yet, becoming a resource for them
  • Getting your clients on board
  • Creating content: Op Eds, Thought Leadership, Commentary
  • Where does Social Media fit?
  • The importance of internal communications
  • Getting your people out – finding panel and speaking opportunities
  • The value of lists, rankings and awards
  • What to do with the publicity you get

Who should attend:

Anyone responsible for Agency PR or who is interested in enhancing and spreading the reputation of their agency including:

  • Agency principals, new business directors, communications directors and account service directors will all gain insight on the value of buttoned-up internal PR efforts.

About Eric Webber:

Eric Webber has over 35 years experience in corporate communications, including 10 years as VP/Communications Director for GSD&M, where his sole focus was Agency PR, and another decade as PR and Social Media Director at McGarrah Jessee, where he managed agency PR and handled client PR as well. Eric was a longtime member of the 4As Agency PR Committee and is a former columnist for Ad Age.

During his career Eric has helped tell client’s stories in countless places, including Time, Esquire, Fast

Company, USA Today, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Fortune and many other publications, on CNN, Fox News, ESPN, Today, on hundreds of websites and blogs and through word-of-mouth, special events and guerilla marketing.  

Eric now manages a small roster of freelance PR and brand strategy clients, and is a faculty member in the Stan Richards School of Advertising and PR at the University of Texas in Austin.