The Why and How of Digital Strategy

Chances are that you are not a digital strategist.  There are not very many digital strategists in agencies.  You’re you, you’re brilliant! You make ads, you build new business, and you manage your client’s campaigns.  But do you know how it all fits together and why?

So you may not be a strategist, but do you know enough about marketing strategy to be brilliant at your job?

To be a better creative, to tell a better story, or to build better solutions you need to understand how people behave and what businesses are trying to do.

Why?  Because you’ll understand your consumers and your client’s “reason why”.  The simple mechanics of how human behavior, media, and marketing all fit together to achieve business goals.  Whether you need to encourage humans to behave in a particular way, or if you need to focus on achieving a business goal – then you need a good grounding in digital marketing strategy.

This webinar is not aimed at seasoned digital strategists. This webinar is for everyone else at the agency who makes, sells, and manages advertising that needs to know enough about digital strategy to be part of the solution!


You will learn:

  • essential principles, processes, and best practices of marketing strategy
  • common models and approaches that give purpose and direction to campaigns
  • how content and engagement work to create moments that matter
  • how content, display, and broadcast advertising work to achieve business goals
  • the terminology you need to understand and contribute to the conversation

Who should attend the webinar?

  • Must attend! —  Creative staff who build content and creative solutions for clients
  • Must attend! —  Account staff who manage the campaign and navigate change
  • Must attend! —  Business development teams who craft solutions with prospects

 About your seminar leader:

Nick New, co-founder of American, has spent the last 25 years building brands and building digital skills. Today Nick helps US employers build digital & tech capability with Apprenticeships.

Nick’s career spans CPG, creative agencies, media & publishing, as well as tech startups, e-commerce, and education. A trained CPG marketer and a digital pioneer, Nick has run workshops for Google, training the worlds leading brands & agencies.


Nick’s clients have included: WPP, Grey, Leo Burnett, DDB, Omnicom, DAS, Publicis, and Saatchi;  as well as Disney, Sony, Marlboro, Andrex, HP, GSK, Ferrero, Levis, Lady Gaga, Bon Jovi and Arcade Fire.

Passionate about solving problems, Nick’s experience with top global brands and hands-on entrepreneurship informs his practical approach to innovation, building capability, and driving change.