NEW DATE — Redefining Leadership in a Hybrid Model: New Tools and Unconventional Tactics for Building a High-Performing Agency and Teams

This session is about building high-performance teams in a hybrid environment. It’s about how your role as leaders and managers needs to change to make a hybrid model work, and how teams in your agency need to come together to adopt new ways of collaborating.

Leaders and managers need a new toolkit for maximizing team performance. One that fosters improved communication, relationships, alignment, execution, and team capacity. And they need to be prepared to drive change throughout their teams.

Join Brian Kessman, Principal Consultant of Lodestar Agency Consulting, for a rousing talk about how to build a healthy and high-performing agency under a hybrid model.  

Key takeaway:

  • How to improve communication, relationships, alignment, execution, and capacity
  • The single most important aspect of a hybrid model
  • Mistakes to avoid when operating in a hybrid model
  • Why and how the role of a manager/leader changes
  • Why and how the role of team members changes
  • Behavioral tools that leaders, managers, and teams can use to boost performance
  • How to lead change and measure and improve your model 

Who should attend:

  • Agency leaders and managers
  • Agency teams
  • Anyone invested looking to succeed in your agency’s hybrid work model 

About Brian Kessman:

Brian is the Founder and Principal Consultant of Lodestar Agency Consulting, a US-based organizational design consultancy for creative and marketing agencies. Lodestar is devoted to helping agencies thoughtfully redesign their organization and ways of working to thrive in our rapidly evolving industry. Brian has also been a speaker for major industry associations such as AMIN Worldwide, TAAN Worldwide, Worldwide Partners, MAGNET Global, and the Bureau of Digital. His expertise comes from 20+ years of experience working in the agency and management consulting space. Prior to forming Lodestar, Brian’s focus was on building and scaling digital teams and services across the agencies that he worked for before moving into growth-focused leadership roles in a combination of full-service, interactive, and brand strategy agencies.