CRUSH THE CALL: How Agencies Win From Remote Locations

“Just send it to me and we’ll talk about it over the phone.”

As in-person meetings go the way of the dinosaur, agency professionals who live and die by presenting their work in convincing fashion have to adapt. 

Laptops and smartphones made it hard enough to hold an audience’s attention, but it’s virtually impossible when you can’t even see them. The only thing certain on your call is that they are half listening while doing email or texting. How do you know? Because that’s what you’re doing on theirs. 

Showing slides via webinar helps, but still doesn’t solve the fundamental problem of remote presenting that deprives you of reading reactions and deadens your voice. If in doubt, listen to your vmail message. That flat, lifeless zombie you recorded five times is how you sound over the phone.

The good news is you can amplify your impact dramatically on even the most distracted remote multitaskers. Live meeting techniques don’t cut it. You need to be louder, faster and twice as dynamic, using tools to raise engagement and handle awkward silences and pushy opinion leaders with equal ease. 

Join Jeff Hiller as he will show you have to make people want to listen, from the set up through the substance until your rousing wrap up. 

Key takeaways:

  • How to start with a bang and encourage participation from start to finish
  • Vary volume, inflection and tone to make points and hold attention
  • Learn how  to stay on track, verify engagement and control the flow of information.

Who should attend:

All agency personnel who lead remote meetings including conference calls, presentations and webinars.

About Jeff Hiller:

Jeff Hiller is founder and lead trainer for Highbar Training. Jeff started at Leo Burnett Chicago where he became VP/Account Director and earned 7 EFFIE Awards. He later was Marketing/ Creative Director for the Houston Rockets; VP/Marketing for Four Hands Imports, a 3-time Inc. 500 Fastest Growing company and Director/Content Chief for JB Training. 

Jeff conducts 100+ workshops a year on business skills, management and sales for agencies including Omnicom, IPG and Publicis groups. His advertiser client list includes Phillips 66, Marriott and Eli Lilly. Jeff is a graduate with High Honors from Dartmouth College and currently resides in Austin, TX.