Crush the Call: Keeping People Engaged During Zoom Meetings

Before social distancing, in-person meetings were already becoming an endangered species. Business has adapted surprisingly well to the virtual world, but agencies need to be better. You need to be brilliant.

Live interactions are the lifeblood of advertising…discussing ideas, reviewing results, getting others to agree. Unfortunately, video chats are 35% less effective. Holding attention was tough enough with laptops and smart phones in the room; now it’s virtually impossible.

One problem is content. People trapped in a conference room grin and bear mountains of minutiae because have no choice. Now they do email or check their Etrade. The other issue is you come through only half as energetic as it seems on your side of the screen. Yes, that zombie in the chat window is really you.

Amplify your impact on even the most distracted multitaskers. How long should virtual meetings run? When’s the right time to collaborate vs. convince? What’s the best way to deliver vital info? How can you spark reactions and make sure everyone participates? Get the most from meetings, wherever your people may be.

Key Takeaways

  • Restructure content to communicate instantly and unmistakably
  • Vary voice, intensity, pace and visual materials to seize attention
  • Maintain engagement, active participation and specific resolutions

Jeff Hiller founded Highbar Training and has coached 12,000+ senior leaders and managers at Top 100’s across industries. His high energy, interactive programs rely on personal, real world experience as marketer, sales manager and exec. Jeff was VP Account Director at $1B ad agency Leo Burnett, earning 7 EFFIE Awards; Houston Rockets Marketing/Creative Director; VP Marketing for Four Hands, a 3-time Inc 500 Fastest Growing company; L&D Director for JB Training Solutions. Current clients include Marriott, Phillips 66, Eli Lilly among others and he speaks regularly at SHRM, PIHRA and ATD events. Jeff graduated from Dartmouth and lives in Austin.