Creating an Agency Position That Stands Out in the Marketplace

Quick, can you describe your agency in an interesting, relevant, and differentiating way in 30 seconds? If not, you haven’t devoted the necessary time and energy in defining your agency’s positioning strategy.

A clear, differentiating positioning strategy is the foundation of success because it answers the critical questions of what you do (the answer can’t be “everything”) and whom you do it for (the answer can be “everybody”). Remember, standing for everything is the same as standing for nothing.

What you’ll learn:

In this inspiring webinar, Brian Kessman shows how your agency can build on its current success by defining its unique value proposition. Brian will show you how a clearer positioning leads to:

  • A well-defined set of criteria for identifying the clients who want your agency for what it does best
  • A stronger win ratio in new business, because your agency is playing to its strengths
  • A broader — not narrower — geographical market area
  • Fewer competitors, because there will be fewer agencies who do what you do
  • Partners and associates who are energized by a clear direction and focus
  • A clear path for investing in the development of services and acquiring new talent
  • A meaningful, unifying theme for your website, social media, and new business program
  • More pricing leverage with clients, because you’ll be offering more differentiated services and expertise
  • Ultimately, a clearer direction for how your agency should spend its limited time, money and resources.

Brian will explore why your agency’s energies should go toward not just becoming better, but becoming different. Using examples from around the world, he will show you how to develop a differentiating business strategy based on four key questions that define an agency’s positioning strategy:

  • What are our core competencies?
    In which areas could your agency be considered best-in-class?
  • Who is our ideal client?
    What types of categories does your agency know best?
  • How can we leverage our ways of doing business?
    What are your unique philosophies, methods or approaches?
  • Why are we in business?
    Beyond making money, what is your purpose?

Most importantly, this webinar shows how by doing a better job of marketing – starting with defining a clear positioning — you’ll be able to do a lot less selling. Instead of being only mildly appealing to a broad group of prospects, you become intensely appealing to a select group of prospects — prospects who want your agency for what it does best.

Who should attend:

  • Agency owners
  • CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CMOs
  • Presidents
  • Managing Directors
  • Heads of marketing, business development, and account service
  • Anyone accountable for new business and account growth
  • Anyone accountable for attracting and retaining talent.

About Brian Kessman:

Brian is the Founder and Principal Consultant of Lodestar Agency Consulting, a US-based consulting firm devoted to helping agencies thoughtfully redesign their organization and culture to thrive in our rapidly evolving industry. His expertise comes from 20+ years of experience working in the agency and management consulting space. Prior to forming Lodestar, Brian held executive and leadership roles in a combination of award-winning full-service, interactive, and brand strategy agencies.