Building A High Performing Agency Team in the Age of Dysfunction: Working More Effectively Across Multi-Disciplines

In organizations of every type and size, teamwork remains the ultimate competitive advantage because it is so powerful and yet very rare.

Very few advertising agencies have been able to “crack the code” and get all the people in various disciplines headed in the same direction versus operating in dysfunctional departmental silos.  Those very few agencies that have figured out how to eliminate agency silos and how to work together across all disciplines, have achieved financial success, high employee engagement, and long-term client retention and agency sustainability.

Join Victor Ornelas as he uncovers the natural human tendencies that derail agency teams and disciplines that ultimately lead to office politics and confusion in all but a few agencies.   

Webinar attendees will walk away with specific advice and practical tools for overcoming the most common agency dysfunctions and making their respective teams more functional and cohesive, benefiting the agency and most importantly, agency clients.

Key takeaways:

  • What are the five most common dysfunctions of an agency team
  • Ways to more effectively collaborate across departments
  • How to eliminate agency silos, office politics, and turf wars
  • How to address each of those dysfunctions and turn them into powerful guiding principles
  • What is the “First Team” and why is it the most important “Team within a Team”
  • Building long term and sustainable trust on the team and across agency disciplines
  • What is “healthy conflict” and how do you cultivate it
  • How to create a singular “Call to Action” that will create total agency focus and commitment.

Who should attend:

Anyone that leads a team or is a member of a team in an advertising or marketing communications agency beginning with those that need to lead the way…the most senior leaders of the organization.

About Victor Ornelas:

Prior to becoming an Executive Coach in 2009, Victor Ornelas was the founder of one of the first Latino advertising agencies in the U.S., Ornelas and Associates, Inc. where he led the growth of the agency from inception in 1988 to $75+ million in billings by 2004.  During that time, he was named Entrepreneur of the Year by Hispanic Business magazine and the agency was named Multicultural Agency of the Year by the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4As) in addition to winning numerous Addys and Effies for the agency’s creative work.

Victor is currently an Executive, Business, and Career Coach and has Professional Certified Coach status with the International Coach Federation (ICF).  He has coached executives and teams from The Richards Group, Anheuser-Busch, AT&T, Dr. Pepper/Snapple, Capital One, the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, Bridgestone Retail Tire Group, Kimberly-Clark, Ernst & Young and Richards-Lerma to name a few.