Developing Effective Account Management Relationships With Client-Side Procurement

The days of “if we ignore them, they’ll go away” are long over. Marketing procurement is now very much a part of agency’s day-to-day client relationship management. Building and leading an effective client-side procurement “initiative” is now an account management imperative.

Agencies today are operating in a procurement driven world, where the overarching themes are cycle time management, value creation, data-driven process improvements, efficiency and scale. It’s no longer just leading the planning, development and oversight of an annual (or project) scope of work. It’s now much more about understanding how and where the client-side procurement value chain requirements intersect with the agency’s business objectives and client relationships. And at this intersection is where Account Management needs to step in and step up to not only ensure agency scopes are properly developed, resourced, priced and managed, but to advance the agency’s position in the client’s marketing services “supply chain”. The agency’s relationship with client-side procurement needs to be developed and led by account management.

On June 18th, join Greg Taucher, former Director of Global Accounts & Contracts at DDB Worldwide as he will help your agency’s account people better understand the requirements for building and the long-term benefits of initiating a realistic and effective relationship and “plan” for client-side procurement/strategic sourcing.

Key takeaways:

  • Understanding the procurement team, and what’s important to them … and your agency
  • The value and benefit to the agency of account management leading procurement relationships
  • Becoming an effective conduit and how to play a role in procurement’s “value creation” process
  • How to begin building a “client plan” for your client’s procurement/strategic sourcing team
  • How to work “two-in-a-box” with your agency CFO to optimize your procurement relationships
  • How to run (and institutionalize) a client “Procurement Day” at your agency.

Who should attend:

Senior account leaders plus up-and-coming account leaders who are on the line in the planning, development and financial management of client engagements where marketing procurement/strategic sourcing is either involved or showing signs of entering the agency relationship management.

About Greg Taucher:

From Assistant Account Executive to the C-Suite. In his 30+ years in account management at DDB Worldwide, Greg has led and managed local accounts, regional accounts, national accounts and global accounts. He’s run account management, agencies, regions, “international”, talent management, client contracts, client procurement and compensation. Greg spent eight years in Asia, and over 10 years on the front lines of the client procurement “wars”. He is currently a Professor of Practice in the advertising department at Michigan State University.