A Creative Writes the Brief, with Luke Sullivan

The brief is the single most-complained about thing in most creative industries.

“What are we supposed to do with this??”

Every client, every agency, every planner, and every strategist has a different idea of what makes a great creative brief. So do creatives – and this is one creative’s answer. 

Join author, ad veteran and professor Luke Sullivan for this 90-minute presentation as he will show a number of different ways anyone can use to create a brief that doesn’t just lie there. A brief that crackles with possibility. A brief that doesn’t supply answers but raises questions. And has what he calls “Boingy Boingy.” 

Luke Sullivan’s webinar “A Creative Writes A Brief” runs just under 90 minutes. There will be time for Q&A.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn why the brief is the first creative act
  • Screw facts and research. What is the fundamental truth?
  • Find a tension and leverage it
  • A brief shouldn’t be the answer, it should be the question
  • Problem solving vs. Problem finding
  • The brief as “What if?”
  • A sample of a newer form of brief
  • And exactly what the hell is Boingy Boingy?

Who should attend:

  • Strategists, planners, account teams
  • New business team members
  • Anyone who tells stories on behalf of brands
  • And, yes, creatives.

About Luke Sullivan:

After 30 years in the advertising business at creatively driven agencies like The Martin Agency, Fallon, and GSD&M, Luke Sullivan is now a professor in the advertising department at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). Luke’s the author of the popular advertising book Hey Whipple, Squeeze This: A Guide to Creating Great Advertising as well as Thirty Rooms To Hide In: Insanity, Addiction, and Rock ‘n’ Roll in the Shadow of the Mayo Clinic. Both available on amazon.com.