17 New Business Mistakes Agencies Make; And How To Avoid Them

Nearly all agencies approach new business development the same way . . . the way they’ve always done it. As a result they have fallen victim to mistaken beliefs like:

  • We don’t need a prospect list; we get referrals
  • Prospecting is just about “cold calling” so why bother
  • You have to sell hard if you get in front of a prospect
  • Sending emails about the agency to prospects is effective
  • In a pitch it’s all about “best idea wins”
  • The more work you show, the more likely it is that you win
  • We perform better if we don’t rehearse.

Join Robb High, Robb High Associates, and learn why mistaken beliefs like the ones shown above are wrong and what the correct  . . . and more effective . . . techniques are.

Key takeaways:

A complete set of effective strategies and techniques for prospecting and pitching:

  • Developing a proper prospect list
  • The role of the agency website
  • Evaluating RFPs
  • Preparing for a pitch
  • Doing the pitch right
  • Effective communications.

Who should attend:

     Everyone involved in new business.

About Robb High:

Robb High’s consultancy focuses on helping agencies improve new business performance. He has individually worked with over 300 marketing communications agencies of all sizes and disciplines and has had over 1,100 attendees to his business development seminars.

Before starting his consultancy Robb was Global CMO for Y&R Group, and prior to that was COO of Kirshenbaum & Bond.