www.filamentinc.com exceeds 100,000 hits in April

As Filament’s business grows with new clients and new offerings, so does web traffic.  While web traffic alone is not a perfect predictor of activity, it is safe to say that where there is smoke there is fire and Filament has been on fire lately. 100k website hits is a huge milestone and one that everyone at Filament should be proud of.  Updates to the website have included an ecommerce system for webinars as well as building in more flexiblity for making website changes on the fly.  Everyone at Filament looks forward to all of the new opportunities that 2017 brings.

Manny Awards 2017

Another year, another Manny Awards has come and gone.  Filament is happy to have had clients nominated in 12 different award categories.  Some categories had multiple Filament clients being recognized for their efforts.  Some clients won…some were just happy to be nominated but everyone had a wonderful time catching up with old industry friends and laughing with colleagues.  Two things at the event struck a chord with me.

Dana Maiman’s acceptance speech for Person of the Year was flawless.  She did a wonderful job of celebrating her teams hard work but she also challenged the industry to make strides in areas like diversity where her agency and the entire industry need to make improvements.  It was a terrific way of celebrating but also pointing out that their is much work to be done and that everyone in the room needs to work just a little harder.

Faruk Capan’s acceptance of the Heart Award on behalf of Sunayana Dumala and Intouch Solutions. In February, Sunayana’s husband was tragically killed in an act of terrorism in a restaurant in Kansas.  His beautiful acceptance was a poignant moment that helped us to all remember that some things are more important than advertising.  It was a sobering moment.

Webclinics gain international presence

As Filament’s webclinics continue to grow, Filament is now attracting attendees from outside the United States.  Simply through word of mouth, Filament has started to see registrations from Canada, Japan, Sweden, Ireland and England.  Not bad consider no promotional activity has taken place in those countries.  Filament is currently working on a joint promotional effort which will bring their webclinics into Asia and the Middle East.  2017 should be an exciting year as the webclinic offerings and reach continues to grow.

Luke Sullivan nails How to Manage Creative WebClinic

Luke Sullivan, formerly of Fallon, The Martin Agency and GSDM conducted his first WebClinic for Filament. How to manage creative has been a challenges for agencies since the discipline was created, mostly because according to Luke “creatives don’t like to be managed.” In just 60 minutes, Luke put it all out there….how to and how not to manage creatives in a no-holds-barred webinar. I am not one to laugh out loud during a webclinic but Luke was amazing.

As with all of Luke’s work, he provides a “No Suck” guarantee. Luke lived up to his promise!

Webclinics building momentum through 2016

In September of 2016, Filament Inc. stated providing Webclinics designed specifically with ad agencies in mind.  The new webclinics have covered a number of topics including:

  • Overcoming Presentation Nerves
  • Winning New Business
  • Improving Agency Revenue
  • Managing Creative Staff plus many others.

The new Webclinics have consistently gained momentum with each week.  The number of registrants as well as the accolades for the talented Webclinic leaders go up each week.  We look forward to hosting new topics with new leaders throughout 2017.

If you have suggestions for Webclinic topics, please email webclinics@filamentinc.com

Filament offers video-conference training

As client relationships go from being managed by in-person meetings to managed via video-conferences and teleconferences, the communication training needs of agencies change as well.   Leo Burnett asked Filament to develop a specific training program to address this need.  It was eye-opening to see how the dynamic of the meeting drastically changes when there is no other person in the room, just a camera.  The training program uncovered a number of challenges that were getting in the way of good communication.  While there is no replacement for in-person meetings, it is clear that the skills necessary to make video-conferences more effective are skills that can be learned and improved.  Congratulations to Leo Burnett for taking the bull by the horns and tackling this critical skill.

Bob Linden’s Retirement

After 37+ years in the advertising world, all at the 4As, Bob Linden has decided to call it a career. I can honestly say that Bob is one of the great men in the advertising industry. His intelligence, wit and good humor are all attributes that will be missed. I hope that whoever tries to fill Bob’s shoes receives as much love and enjoyment from their career.

We will all miss you Bob. You are a treasure!

Warm regards,

Mark, Pam and Brian

Manny Awards 2016

For the last 15 years, I have had the pleasure of joining Med Ad News the pharma agency industry celebrate the industry’s great work. Being the parent of an 11 year old, the year I was forced to decide between a vacation in Belize (her school started April 21) or attending the Manny’s. As much as would love to tell you it was a tough decision, I went for Belize.

You decide?

As much as vacation was fun, it is always good to catch up with old friends and new friends at the Manny’s. I am sure it was a wonderful time. Congratulations to all of the winners. I look forward to seeing you all very soon.

Filament has a big 2015

If frequent flier miles are any indication, 2015 was a huge year for Filament. Just Delta has close to 200,000 miles flown. For a little company and one airline…yikes.

We had our second biggest year in terms of revenue, just missing our biggest year by just 4%. At the same time, we added 12 new agency accounts this year. Adding six accounts is a good year. Adding 12 is huge. As we add more accounts with more specialties and different cultures, we get an even deeper look into what is working in the ad industry and what is not working.

This year’s new accounts ranged from small, specialty shops to an enormous, worldwide digital shop. Each agency brings their own set of strengths and challenges to the marketplace.

Hopefully, 2016 will bring both Filament and our clients’ new successes.

Warm Regards,

Mark, Pam and Brian

Filaments celebrates 18th Anniversary

This October, Filament celebrated our 18th year in business. Where does the time go! It has been and continues to be fun as we see the ad industry go through changes. Some of those changes like digital and mobile have opened entirely new opportunities for employees and for clients. Other changes like the .com bust and the recession have forced our industry to contract at times and find new ways to do more with less. Regardless, it seems as though our industry in many ways is stronger than it was when we started Filament.

Thank you to all of our clients. It is a pleasure to work with you all and look forward to working with you for years to come.

Warm Regards,

Mark, Pam and Brian