Over 10,000 webinar viewers!

As we start the new year, it is time to look at the progress we have made in two and a half years of hosting webinars.  Bob Linden has led the charge assembling a variety of topics and speakers that address many of the challenges facing advertising professionals.  While there have been scores of topics, some of the most popular have been Managing Creative Staff, Presenting and Sell Creative, Negotiation Skill for Account Staff, New Business Tips and many more.  For a comprehensive list of webinars available for purchase click here.  

What started as a relatively small offering has grown and grown.  This past year, Filament exceeded 10,000 viewers of its webinars.  It is great to see the market responding to some great content.  Kudos to Bob for putting together a terrific collection of speakers and topics.

More industry leaders joining Filament

2018 has been an exciting year so far for Filament webinars.  The roster of speakers is getting better and better.  Luke Sullivan (former CD from GSDM, The Martin Agency and Fallon) has been a highlight of our webinar seasons has been joined this year by Hart Weichselbaum (former head of planning at The Richards Group), Laurie Coots (former CEO of TBWA) and famed author Stephen M.R. Covey.  It has been a pleasure to be working with industry icons to develop rich content for our clients.

As our webinar offerings continue to grow, we are reaching deeper into the advertising industry to find useful insights for our audience.  In addition, we have started to reach out to thought leaders beyond advertising that can bring a fresh perspective to the challenges facing agencies and thoughts on how to deal with clients that are demanding smarter and quicker thinking from their agencies.

2019 should be an exciting year as we look to add more speakers and new topics.  We are already in discussions with some very exciting, household names in the industry and look forward to making new speaker announcements at the beginning of the year.

Have a Happy New Year everyone.



Luke Sullivan hosts yet another incredible webinar

I don’t often post about webinar content.  With a half dozen or more webinars per month, plus existing client work, it simply becomes too much.  That being said….Damn!  Luke Sullivan is amazing!

If you haven’t heard Luke in a webinar or in person, you are missing one of the industries most insightful and entertaining speaker.  His years at Fallon, The Martin Agency and GSDM give him incredible perspective on what makes for great work, how to make and how to manage the staff that make it.

Part of the genius of Luke’s webinars is that he is no longer directly tied to the industry.  He is now the dean of the ad school at Savannah College of Art and Design.  Because he is no longer in the industry, he is not concerned about his next job.  As a result, he gives you his honest, unfiltered point of view about advertising.  Suffice it to say, that Luke unfiltered is both educations and very entertaining.

Filament turns 20! One more year and we are legal;-)

Filament is happy to announce our 20th Anniversary.  What started with a commitment to bring personalized training to a few clients has grown into only communcations consulting firm exclusively for the advertising and communications industry.

A few trusting, faithful clients in the early years like the Martin Agency, Grey, Siddall and GSW got in at the ground floor.  Fast forward 20 years and Filament has clients in the North and South American, Europe, Australia and Asia.  We are a client in Africa away from  covering the world (no offence to Antarctica, but without an agency, you are not a continent to us).

Thank you to all our clients over the years that have helped us to embrace that ad industry.

Filament President Mark Schnurman is hired by MM and M to be their keynote speaker

MM and M magazine, the industry leading trade publication for the pharma advertising community engaged Filament President Mark Schnurman to be the keynote speaker at their conference on The Evolution of the Advertising industry.  The conference took place in Manhattan on October 4, 2018.  Mark shared the stage with Ed Mitzen, founder of Fingerpaint as well as other industry leaders participating in various panel discussions.

Mark was asked to speak about the changes in the advertising pitch landscape and offer insight as to how to better compete in a crowded pitch market.  Agency execs, new business staff as well as clients peppered Mark with questions and stories about pitches gone bad.    Nearly 100 advertising and marketing folks were in attendance discussing how the industry is changing and what agencies need to do in order to not just survive but thrive in this new advertising universe.

Another blockbuster webinar leader, Stephen M.R. Covey, joins Filament’s webinar offerings

As Filament webinars draw a wider audience of agency staff, we attract a more exciting and celebrated roster of presenters.  This fall, Stephen M.R. Covey, whose best selling book The Speed of Trust, will be hosting a webinar on .

This is just the first in series of topics from Stephen.  We look forward to hearing more from Stephen.

Webinars are entering their 3rd year

What started as a small offering at Filament, has continued to grow as Bob Linden develops a terrific collection of webinars.  Bob’s focus from the start has been to find webinar leaders and topics that focus on practical skills that webinar viewers can implement immediately.  Bob’s philosophy that learning needs to be usable immediately has served Filament and its clients very well.

Filament’s clients will always benefit from in person training which offers a more personal experience but webinars are a great way of offering up training to a larger group.  Great job Bob!

Filament welcomes Laurie Coots, former CEO of TBWA, as a new webinar leader

Laurie Coots, former CEO of TBWA, has signed on to deliver webinars on a variety of topics for FIlamnet Inc starting in the fall of 2018.  Laurie led through TBWA’s most exciting years and was instrumental in developing the Disruption stategy for the agency.

As Filament’s webinar offerings become more and more robust, industry icons are now turning to Filament to find new audiences to share their skills with.  Welcome Laurie!

www.filamentinc.com exceeds 100,000 hits in April

As Filament’s business grows with new clients and new offerings, so does web traffic.  While web traffic alone is not a perfect predictor of activity, it is safe to say that where there is smoke there is fire and Filament has been on fire lately. 100k website hits is a huge milestone and one that everyone at Filament should be proud of.  Updates to the website have included an ecommerce system for webinars as well as building in more flexiblity for making website changes on the fly.  Everyone at Filament looks forward to all of the new opportunities that 2017 brings.