What’s next after #metoo? Speaking up…Being Heard…and Getting Recognition

The #metoo movement has opened the door for women.  It has shifted awareness of what is acceptable and what isn’t and has rewarded speaking up for ourselves.   #Metoo has created a cultural shift in mentality that creates a huge opportunity to make real changes in your work life and home life that extends beyond inappropriate sexual situations.

#Metoo is about being heard, gaining respect and recognition. This program is about how to take advantage of this moment in time and to fully embrace what this change can mean for your life.  It includes practical action steps you can take in your communication approach to get more of what you want.

Join Pam Bloore on July 30 as she explores the different opportunities that #metoo has created and how to be part of the movement.

During the webinar we will address:

  • Asking for what you want: How to get a raise, promotion, etc.
  • Increasing your personal power, influence and credibility
  • Saying no
  • Setting the tone in every conversation to command more respect
  • Understanding what triggers men to stop listening and disrespect you
  • Learning to negotiate the power play that occurs in every conversation
  • Responding to inappropriate comments that are designed to belittle you
  • Understanding how you lose status when you over-commit
  • Increasing your ability to persuade

 Who should attend:

Women in all agency disciplines, who are motivated to get more out of their careers.

 About Pam Bloore:

Pam is an executive management and communication coach as well as one of the co-founders of Filament Inc. She has worked with many agencies including The Martin Agency, Publicis, Leo Burnett, Havas, and McGarryBowen to name a few. Content for this webinar came from Pam’s observations from facilitating numerous group management training programs as well as her experiences in private executive coaching with both men and women.