The Art of Negotiation for Account Service: How To Strengthen Your Negotiation Skills

“The minute you get an account is the minute you start losing it.” Advertising Hall of Famer Carl Ally.

A good negotiator is a good listener and must keep the conversation going until the other side puts everything out on the table that needs to be known in order to make a deal. Advertising people tend to talk too much and the more you talk in a negotiation, the weaker your position becomes.

On January 23, join Jack Kaine as he shares key takeaways in negotiating with clients and agency colleagues.

Negotiating with clients is nothing more than gaining the favor of people from whom you want things. Anytime two or more people are trading information with the intent of changing the relationship, they are negotiating.  This is what an account service executive is charged with on a daily and hourly basis. Ideally, it should be a simple process, but more often than not, it gets fouled up, usually through competition, a lack of understanding, and a lack of good negotiating skills. The result: everyone loses.

As an agency person you are practiced at the art of satisfying the client—and quickly.  A skillful negotiator understands the use of time and is not afraid to use the tactic of forbearance to get what he/she needs.

Key takeaways:

  • Five basic rules of negotiations
  • How to talk about money and when to talk about money
  • How to deal with resistance
  • Learn about a negotiation tactic called “the nibble” and how to avoid falling victim to it
  • How to disagree without being disagreeable.

Who should attend:

Any agency personnel who work on a daily basis with clients and want to enhance their negotiation skills.

About Jack Kaine:

Jack Kaine has worked with every major advertising trade association in North and Central America and New Zealand including: American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s), The Institute of Canadian Advertising (ICA), Asociacion Mexicana de Agencias de Publicidad (AMAP)) and Association of Advertising Agencies, Inc. of New Zealand.

He has also worked with a wide range of advertising agencies from Dentsu, Young & Rubicam Partnerships in Asia, Y&R Europe, Wunderman, Ammirati Puris/Lintas (USA and Australia), Barkley, BBDO New York, FCB New York, Harte-Hanks Direct Marketing and Saatchi & Saatchi Australia and New Zealand.