Strategy Simplified: Why strategy needs to get less smart and be more effective

Strategy is just full of five syllable words. Why? We all want to look and sound smart to our clients. But big buzzwords don’t just undermine your points, they keep people from understanding what you’re saying.

Make no mistake, your job is to have influence over the actions of your clients. To guide them and to help make it clear what they should do. And this is simply impossible if your clients don’t understand what you’re talking about.

The best way to sell in big ideas is to make them easy to understand. Make it sound simple. Under think it. In our effort to sound smart, we may be turning our clients and coworkers off of the right path.

On February 6, join chief strategy officer Adam Pierno will discuss the pitfalls of over complicating things to look good and ways to build trust by keeping it simple.

Key takeaways:

  • What do clients absolutely hate about strategy (and strategists)?
  • What makes an idea attractive to clients?
  • How to make a case for an idea
  • What do clients need to know to buy an idea
  • What kind of information is valuable.

Who should attend:

Planners, strategists, account managers and other ad professionals who want to know how to present strategy more clearly.

About Adam Pierno:

Fueled by coffee and craft beer, Adam Pierno is a thinker, tinkerer and Chief Strategy Officer for Santy. He not only puts his innovative approach to strategy into action for major national brand like Delta Air Lines, but he also is mentoring up and coming industry talent.

In his recent book Under Think It – A Marketing Strategy Guidebook for Everyone, Adam maps out a game plan for approaching client strategy.