Stopping the Endless Cycle of Long, Unproductive Meetings

At nearly every agency, meetings that go on too long and accomplish too little are a huge issue. Whether the meeting was derailed by a lack of planning, a speaker who did not know when to stop talking or a simple lack of clarity…it is time for agencies to put an end to the huge time-suck and create more time-efficient meetings that let us get back to work and out of the conference room (or conference call).

While most webinars are 60 minutes, this webinar is scheduled for 30 minutes (although the Q&A session will go on as long as is necessary) because effective meetings need to be scheduled long enough to cover the content and not a minute longer!  One of the biggest challenges with meetings is that the meetings always expand to the time allotted.  As a result, we are careful to schedule only as much time for the webinar as is needed.

On December 7, join Mark Schnurman as he reviews what it takes to be an effective meeting facilitator to ensure your meetings are run efficiently, productively and end on the allotted time while still covering all of the meeting content.

Key takeaways:

  • Being an effective meeting facilitator – keeping things productive and positive
  • Ensuring all participants are heard (not just the vocal ones)
  • Creating accountability so things actually get done
  • Insuring people come prepared to a meeting
  • Keeping meetings on track
  • Minimizing miscommunication and a lack of clarity
  • Preventing meetings from getting hijacked
  • Getting more done in less time at meetings
  • How to survive with fewer meetings.

Who should attend:

Meeting management is everyone’s responsibility and work best when everyone has the same ideas as to how to run an effective meeting.  As a result, this webinar is available only in small or large conference room settings for attendees.

About Mark Schnurman:

Mark Schnurman is President of Filament Inc., and has spent the years working with agencies throughout the world helping them better articulate their ideas to their clients.  Because Filament Inc. only works in the advertising industry, Mark has a keen understanding of the challenges that face agencies in keeping projects on time and meetings as short as possible.

Mark’s clients include The Martin Agency, Leo Burnett, Saatchi & Saatchi, Abelson Taylor and Razorfish just to name a few, helping them sell and articulate their best ideas to clients.