Social Media Is Causing A Revolution In Brand Building: Moving From Brand Management To Conversation Management

Consumers and marketers have now been living with social media for 10+ years. While it is viewed by most marketers as another communication channel, to be integrated with all the others for synergistic effectiveness, it has had a far more profound impact on the marketing landscape then that. Looking at the landscape from 35,000 feet, the big picture shows signs of a REVOLUTION IN BRAND BUILDING because of social media. It’s not additive, or incremental change. It is transformative and disruptive to the fundamental way brands are built and sustained.

Indeed, it requires the marketer to change the lens through which he/she looks at their job, moving from Brand Management to Conversation Management. Inherent in this change is the move from the historical “monologue” to a constantly evolving three-way “dialogue” (brand/consumer/friend) to build brands today. And moving marketing communications from Storytelling to Storybuilding, co-creating the brand story with consumers.

It is also revolutionizing the purchase process from the traditional transactional linear funnel to a more organic purchase process built by energizing consumer engagement with the brand, through discovery, experience, personalization and advocacy.

In further service of realizing business potential, conversation management requires a Story Architecture for creating a Participatory, Living Brand Experience Ecosystem. Happily, there’s a very simple mechanism for creating it.

Finally, this Revolution in Brand Building is also revolutionizing brand strategy and the creative briefing process.

On June 12 join Earl Cox has he discusses how to incorporate social media activity in campaign measurement and optimization.

Key takeaways:

  • A different perspective on the role of social media in the marketing mix to build brands
  • A different definition of Brand Management
  • Specific strategic considerations for building brands in the social media era
  • A new creative brief format.

Who should attend:

Anybody involved in brand building:

  • Marketers
  • Brand Managers
  • Agency Account Managers
  • Brand, Social, Content and UX Planners
  • Creatives and Content Producers.

About Earl Cox:

Earl has had a 34-year career in advertising and marketing, the last 31 years at The Martin Agency and the last 20 years of that as Martin’s Chief Strategy Officer. In this thought leadership role, he has helped develop brand positioning and marketing communication strategies for well over 100 brands in dozens of business categories. He has also hired and mentored 50+ planners over the years. Clients have included GEICO, Mercedes-Benz, UPS, Saab, Discover Card, Hanes, Mount Gay Rum, among others.

Now retired from Martin, Earl is still working as an independent brand strategy consultant, as Martin’s Chief Strategy Officer Emeritus. He is also an Adjunct Professor at the Virginia Commonwealth University’s “Brandcenter” graduate school.