Social Media and Content Marketing Done Right: The Legal Tools Every Agency Creative and Leader Needs

The legal heat has been turned up significantly on marketers using social media and content marketing and, more recently, native advertising tactics. New FTC guidelines and increased regulatory enforcement have raised stakes for both brands AND agencies. And in addition to the regulatory hurdles, marketers need to be knowledgeable about legal issues including copyright infringement, proper trademark use, and fair advertising principles. Many agencies don’t realize that they could be every bit as at risk as the clients they serve.

As an agency creative director, social media strategist, or content marketer, your work is about using your creativity to get great business results for your clients. You didn’t get into the business to worry about legal issues for your client or the agency, so you may not be sure how to create and execute work that passes legal review, and keeps everyone out of trouble. You need practical advice and tools to help you create strategy and content that follows the rules; this webclinic will give them to you.

The most significant challenges for you as an agency leader? Worrying about exposure your agency is unknowingly creating for itself and your clients. Lacking the information, your team needs to be compliant in social media initiatives, content marketing initiatives, or native ad campaigns. You want your team to be knowledgeable so they can focus their talents on delivering great creative work to clients while minimizing legal risk for everyone. This session will help you understand the current legal environment around social media and content marketing in the industry.
On April 20 join Sharon Toerek as she reviews the legal issues agencies most frequently encounter when executing social media and content marketing strategies, and the steps your agency can take to avoid legal risk.

Key takeaways:
• Learn the strategies your agency needs to successfully execute social media and content marketing campaigns that pass legal review for the agency, and by your client’s legal team
• Develop a checklist and action plan to develop legal compliance tools in your agency
• Review the recent regulatory and case law developments that matter for creatives and agency leadership.

Who should attend:

Agency leaders, Creative Directors, Social media strategists, Content creators, Account Service

About Sharon Toerek:

Sharon Toerek is Principal of Toerek Law, where she provides proactive, strategic counsel to communications, marketing, advertising and creative agencies nationwide on legal and business issues they face continually in their work, including agency-client relationships, agency-freelancer relationship management, and social media and content marketing legal compliance.

Sharon is an approved participant on the 4A’s Legal Consultants Panel, and a Past President of the American Ad Federation (AAF) Cleveland. She is also the Publisher of the marketing industry legal blog Legal + Creative ( and the creator of the Legal + Creative Agency Protection System, a comprehensive legal toolkit for marketing and creative services agencies.