Management Skills for Entrepreneurs and Finance Professionals

Managing at a small firm or department is challenging, given the client-driven, fast-paced, and entrepreneurial nature of the finance business.  Add to this the fact that many business owners are free spirits that like to go their own way.  This can create some management challenges where the feels like they are not getting direction or micromanaged and the entrepreneur feels like they are spoon-feeding everyone and it is taking time away from more profitable tasks.  This webinar addresses the aspects of the management role that can require extra attention for small business people navigate, becoming aware of and recognizing and making the most of your strengths as well as avoiding common management mistakes.


  • Identifying common small business management approaches and the strengths and weaknesses of each
  • Understanding how to manage both employees and clients
  • Effectively navigating staff personal problems/conflicts
  • Finding an appropriate leadership tone
  • Avoiding common management mistakes that erode your authority
  • Motivating and inspiring employees
  • Giving negative feedback
  • Navigating employee/boss relationships
  • Learning decision making tools that build leadership qualities

Who should attend the Webinar?

  •  Entrepreneurs and small business owners
  • Finance professionals that are frustrated with management issues taking them away from client work

 About your seminar leader:

Pam is an executive management and communication coach as well as one of the co-founders of Filament Inc. She has worked with many organizations helping them navigate the challenges of running a small business or department.