How To Improve Online Media Planning and Buying…For Agencies and Their Clients

Planning and buying offline media is relatively easy compared to planning and buying online media.

What the industry calls the “digital media supply chain’’ is complex and mysterious…and where there is mystery there is margin. And that is not always good for agencies who buy offline media for their clients who want to get the most ROI for their media investment. In most cases, marketers are not getting the best ROI for their online media spend.

If you are involved in online media planning, buying or selling, you experience the digital media supply chain every day. The “chain” is the series of intermediary vendors who start with putting a cookie in your browser when you visit a website and end with sending an ad to the website you’re visiting.

The process starts with Double Click sending your cookie to data vendors who know all the sites you have visited as identified by your identifying cookie. The chain also includes:

  • supply side platforms where publishers put their inventory;
  • demand side platforms where buyers access the supply side platforms; and
  • companies who serve the ad to the site you accessed.

The chain also includes ad networks, ad exchanges and data management platforms.

All of these intermediaries perform a function ….and do it in less than four tenths of a second.

If this sounds unbelievably complex, it is. And it is so inefficient. P&G’s Chief Global Brand Officer Marc Pritchard called for the industry to cut the “crap” out of the chain. The “crap” includes ads that have too many data pixels and ads that are too ”fat”.  Result: Ad blocking by at least a third of internet users… and ads that are never seen, but not paid for.

The “crap” also includes ads sent to sites where there are no humans…only bots. Result: Ads that are not seen by humans but are paid for by marketers. These billions of wasted ad dollars go to really bad actors in really bad places.

On August 7, join Mike Donahue to learn what you can do to demystify the digital media supply chain and take the steps necessary to simplify the chain so it works to the advantage of:  a) agencies who plan and buy online media and b) their clients whose money funds all link in the chain which yield both positive and negative outcomes of placing ads in online media.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn how to plan and buy online media more efficiently and more effectively
  • Increase your profit margins and ROI for your clients
  • Learn how to simplify the digital media supply chain.

Who should attend this webinar:

Anyone who is involved with planning and buying online media; Independent agency CEOs and CFOs so they can answer “yes” to this question from their senior clients: “Am I getting my money’s worth when you are planning and buying online media for my brands?”

About the webinar leader;

Mike Donahue is founder and CEO, Connect the Dots, a digital marketing consultancy who has 23 years of digital experience. Prior to starting his consultancy, Mike was Executive Vice President, 4A’s, where he oversaw among other things, all digital initiatives. Mike created Ad-Id, the industry’s accepted digital identifier for offline and online creative assets.

While at 4A’s, Mike partnered with the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) and The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) to oversee the creation of the offline media viewability standard.