How To Find The Upside in Limitations And Unlock Agency Growth

Agencies and clients face a myriad of challenges today: markets are more competitive, consumers and customers more demanding, and time and budgets are more constrained than ever.

How do you approach these constraints? Are they a source of asphyxiation or inspiration? Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and help your clients fix the real issues of their business, or are you content to sit and wait for a brief (that may never arrive)?

The ability to see opportunity in constraints is an essential capability and an enduring competitive advantage for agencies that master it. Yet despite aphorisms like “when you have lemons, make lemonade,” it’s hard to find a repeatable methodology for turning limitations into advantages. There is no recipe for lemonade-making. Until now.

On January 30, join Mark Barden, Partner, eatbigfish who will show you how to take constraints and put them at the heart of strategy development.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn techniques to embrace the constraints of the agency business and put them at the heart of marketing strategy
  • How you and your clients have become stuck in routines that blind you from seeing the opportunity in constraints
  • Learn to create propelling questions to break free of these old ways and put the most pressing constraints at the heart of your ideation process
  • Adopt a “Can/If” mentality toward these questions—by focusing on how rather than if answers can be found—and use the “Can/If” map
  • Rediscover resourcefulness and the ability to create abundance in the face of scarcity
  • How to activate the right mix of emotions necessary to fuel tenacity in the process.

Who should attend and what to expect?

Creatives or strategists looking for new ways to help clients grow. In addition to introducing simple tools, this webinar will be richly illustrated with stories and cases from the real world.

About Mark Barden:

Mark Barden is a partner at eatbigfish, a firm world renowned for its work in positioning and innovation for challenger brands. He is co-author of the book A Beautiful Constraint: How to Transform Your Limitations Into Advantages, and Why It’s Everyone’s Business (Wiley 2015).