How To Evaluate Creative Ideas and Make Them Better with Tracy Wong

We’re in a business driven by creative ideas. And we succeed and fail based on the quality of those ideas. But has anyone ever told you how to evaluate an idea? Or explained to you what makes a good one, what makes a bad one, and how to tell the difference? Better yet, how to turn a bad one into a good one?

Probably not.  

To make matters worse, there is no one right answer when creativity is involved. It can be completely subjective. So, who’s to judge what the answer is? And how? What you love, others might hate. (Which is particularly bad when the hater is the decider, like a client CMO or CEO.) Brilliant ideas die – and crappy ones rise to the top – for the dumbest reasons.  

So how do you begin to unravel an idea and assess it? It’s less about “being creative” and more about awareness and discipline.  

On September 14 , join Tracy Wong, Executive Creative Director & Chairman, WONGDOODY, as he takes us behind the creative director’s curtain.  

This webinar is about applying a rationale to the process of evaluating ideas, improving ideas, and understanding how that process fits into collaborating with agency members and clients. It’s creative by committee, and the committee ain’t going away.  How do you harness the power of that committee to identify good thinking and improve it along the way?

Key takeaways:

  • Defining what makes a good idea. And what makes a bad one
  • Identifying what is 99% of any great idea?
  • Showing you a distinct process for evaluating work
  • How to fix ideas and how to improve them
  • What to do with really polarizing ideas
  • How to take the subjectivity out of evaluating ideas
  • How to take the subjectivity out of others evaluating those ideas
  • The role of ego, politics and agendas in the evaluation process
  • How to prevent great ideas from getting killed.

Who should attend:

This webinar is not just for creatives.  This is for everyone who touches a creative assignment. Account executives (even the most junior). Strategists (account planning, digital, media). Media planners.  Producers. Technologists. And especially clients of every level. The people who need this most (and will be the least likely to attend) are the deciders: creative directors, CMOs and CEOs.

About Tracy Wong:

Tracy Wong is Executive Creative Director and Chairman of WONGDOODY. He has won over 350 national and international creative awards, including work featured in the Clio Hall of Fame. Tracy was recently named to the 4A’s “Advertising 100” list honoring the most notable ad professionals of the past 100 years. Yet he is most recognized for his appearance on AMC’s docu-series “The Pitch,” a show about the real “Mad Men.” He is currently authoring a book entitled “Creative Democracy” about the creative process in business.