Hiring and Retaining the Best Talent

While technology may reduce the need for physical labor, it has also made each new hire more critical to fulfilling the needs of an organization.  This, coupled with a decline in the working population and a more mobile talent pool, has increased pressure to attract and retain value-added talent in an increasing competitive market.   It is imperative that managers make sure every hire is the right one. All too often, however, a new hire starts after rigorous interviewing and is just not right for your company or the job. With the correct approach, most of these incidents can be avoided.

On June 21rst join Bill Donnelly, who will teach you how to avoid costly and embarrassing hiring mistakes.  This webclinic will offer guidelines and strategies to improve hiring results with lasting impact.


  • Creating a job description that works
  • Identifying and prioritizing skills requirements
  • Understand your recruiting sources
  •  Tips on conducting a more productive interviews
  • Selling the your candidate on the opportunity
  • Closing the deal
  • Navigating the first 30 days

 What participants will get from this webclinic:

Tools to manage and execute the hiring process to mitigate hiring failures and/or staff turnover.

Who should attend:

Anyone looking to hire the right talent and/or minimize annual turnover in their staff, including executives, managers, human resource staff.

About your webclinic leader:

Bill Donnelly has over 20 years of experience recruiting talent as an executive search consultant and corporate recruiter.  After the 2008 financial crisis Bill noticed changes in the industry and its impact on the individual and company.  He recognized common macro-patterns and its impact on the companies and staff alike.  Bill formulated a core philosophy, which has been embraced by professionals and managers in finance, healthcare, accounting, education, cosmetics, consumer good and commercial interior products among other industries and specialties.