Getting to Great: Managing the Business vs. Leading Agency Teams

Managing is all about getting things done; leading agency teams is inspiring them to get the right things done.  Exceptional agency leaders don’t just produce great work. They rally their people to develop new opportunities and improve the process.

Vision plays a part, but even more, the ability to translate high level thinking into concrete actions…focus on critical issues, identify measurable agency goals beyond assigned tasks, then collaborate on a plan that everyone buys into.

What differentiates your agency overall and your group in particular? What should duly impress your clients? Most agencies deliver at a high level. Do your people know what it takes to exceed great expectations in a meaningful way? Do they care?

On October 2, join Jeff Hiller, JB Training Solutions for insightful recommendations that will lead to greater success for agency managers as leaders.

Key takeaways:

  • Define Good/Better/Best and criteria for success at the agency
  • Translate agency positioning into clear priorities for your team
  • Use Stretch Goals to expand scope of effort and accountability
  • Guide groups through difficult situations or changes in direction.

Who should attend:

Experienced managers in all agency disciplines responsible for making internal decisions and setting the pace for a team or group.

About Jeff Hiller:

Jeff is Director of Training for JB Training Solutions, a Chalant company featured by the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and CNN. Prior, Jeff excelled in senior level Account, Creative and Client positions. He started at Leo Burnett in Chicago, becoming their youngest VP Account Director ever and earning 7 national EFFIE Awards for campaign results. He later owned a thriving retail chain, was Marketing/Creative Director for the NBA Houston Rockets, and VP Marketing for Four Hands Imports, a 3-time Inc 500 Fastest Growing company.

Jeff consults for numerous agencies including the Publicis, IPG and OMG groups and advertisers including Marriott, Phillips 66, Allianz and Eli Lilly.