EQ Is The New IQ: Using Your Emotional Intelligence To Succeed In The Ad Biz

“EQ is so critical to success that it accounts for 58% of performance in all jobs.”  – Bradberry + Graves, Emotional Intelligence 2.0

Part of what makes the advertising industry incredible is the creatively passionate people who make the industry what it is. By better understanding our emotions and the emotions of others, we can grow more and more effective in our role over time by correctly using Emotional intelligence (EQ). Emotional Intelligence will help us recognize, understand and use our emotions to achieve greater success in our jobs.

Identifying EQ includes picking up on the emotional state of others and using this awareness to respond to them successfully. The four parts of the emotional intelligence model are based upon a connection between what you see and what you do with yourself and others: self awareness, self management, social awareness and relationships management.

Your IQ or hard skills may land you the job or promotion but it’s your EQ skills that will enable you to succeed. The good news is, unlike regular IQ, emotional intelligence can be greatly improved. When people increase their awareness of emotions and their ability to manage them well, they get a positive reaction from those around them.

Simply put, emotionally intelligent responses get better results.

On March 15, join Jen Ostrich, Leadership Coach, PCC, as she explores the four core areas of Emotional Intelligence and how you can strengthen your EQ to feel satisfied and more energized in your job.

Key takeaways:

  • The benefits of becoming more self aware and simple tools to help you do so
  • How EQ can increase satisfaction in the work environment and your life
  • How to develop your emotional intelligence skills to help you reach your potential
  • Learn to manage your own anxiety and stress so it’s not impacting the whole team
  • How to read the room and recognize the needs of others
  • Why strong relationships are the key to success and how to build and nurture them.

Who should attend:

This webinar is for advertising leaders at any level. There is at least one area of EQ that we can all strengthen and this webinar will help advertising leaders access more within themselves to ensure they’re maximizing their potential.

About Jen Ostrich

After 14 years of Agency Account Management leading teams and national clients in NYC, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles, Jen finally decided to follow one of her own core beliefs of “leap and the net will appear” when she sprung into a new career of leadership coaching.  To complement her BA in Communications from Penn State, Jen is certified in leadership and transition coaching by the prestigious Hudson Institute, considered to be “the Harvard of Coaching.” Since then she’s become a PCC level coach with the ICF after completing 1,000+ hours of coaching.
Jen is the founder of ostrich coaching + consulting where she works primarily with leaders in the advertising industry, providing what Jen refers to as “mental hygiene.” Through positive psychology, emotional intelligence, the work of Brene Brown and other experience across business and marketing, Jen brings a unique combination of being able to think like a coach, a leader, a brand and a business person.