Digital Project Management: Strategically Managing Expectations and Outcomes

Bringing teams together to make things happen. At the highest level, that’s the role of a Digital Project Manager. However, there are several unique challenges and rewards that come with this role. The project scope doubled overnight? Time to contact the Digital Project Manager. A huge prospect needs a brief ready by Monday morning? Time to contact the Digital Project Manager. To top it all off, you also need to stay up to date on modern technologies and emerging platforms.

Although adapting to change is part of the job description, there are some best practices to help make the unpredictable more manageable.

On June 6, join Terry Rice as he shares best practices of an effective Digital Project Manager. As a former Client Solutions Manager at Facebook who has lead cross functional teams, Terry will share his insights on how to best rally individual contributors and communicate with key stakeholders.

Key takeaways:

  • Successful planning and execution of kickoff meetings
  • Managing client expectations and preventing scope creep
  • Identifying potential roadblocks and responding to projects in crisis
  • Outcome specific Project Management tool recommendations
  • Maintaining a positive morale and redefining challenges.

Who should attend:

  • Agency Project Managers, senior management, middle account management as well as creative, production and media leadership who need to better understand how successful teams come together.  Also, those who may be in a position to hire potential Project Managers.

About Terry Rice:

Terry Rice is the Founder of Brooklyn Digital Marketing. He’s been in the Digital Marketing field since 2007. Most notably, helping businesses achieve their marketing goals while working at Adobe and Facebook.

As a Digital Marketing trainer and consultant, he partners with agencies and internal marketing teams to help them fully understand Digital Marketing best practices, and the latest platform updates. During his career, he’s worked on eCommerce and lead generation campaigns for companies including Amazon, Dell Computers, Spartan Race, and Best Buy.

In addition to his role at Brooklyn Digital Marketing, Terry is also a Digital Marketing Instructor at General Assembly and New York University, where he leads various classes and workshops.