Creative Project Management: The Value and Success Factors of Creative Project Management

The position of Creative Project Management in an agency continues become an important role in managing the agency workflow process.  

Every agency has its own variables that influence process for managing workflow. Learn how to create structure around the variables and in doing so,  protect the agency integrity, profitability and quality of work through a clearly defined and purposeful Creative Project Management capability.   No matter how the agency’s workflow process is structured, creative project management proficiency can mean the difference between a project that lands excellent results for you and your clients, or lead to scope creep, project delays and confusion.  

In this one-hour session, participants will learn agency-proven project management leadership techniques, tips and approaches that will help to ensure departmental success.

Content for the ADEPT™ Creative Project Management webinar was developed by advertising agency professionals who possess deep experience and insights into the unique challenges of managing projects and people in a creative ecosystem — and establishing and leading those departments effectively toward Creative Project Management and Creative Operational success.  

On July 17, join Catherine McIntyre-Velky who will review: 

  • The definition of ADEPT Creative Project Management and how it differs from project management in other industries
  • Core principles of ADEPT Creative Project Management
  • The Importance of Leadership buy-in
  • Implementation and tools for success
  • Identifying department goals and priorities
  • Building a strong CPM team: recruiting and training
  • Collaboration, managing change and trouble-shooting
  • Evaluation, goal-setting, mentorship, career paths
  • ROI, P&L and quality control.

Who should attend:

This webinar is appropriate for Project Managers, Production/Producers, Account Management, Traffic, Creative Service and Human Resource managers responsible for role definition, candidate selection and evaluations.   

About Catherine McIntyre-Velky:

Catherine is renown for her Creative Project Management and Creative Operations prowess, having worked with some of the world’s most creative companies and helping them to create function even with the biggest challenges. She’s worked with advertising agencies- both large and small, In-house agencies and companies working with multiple agency resources. Her curiosity always leads her to ask “why” before providing answers to “how.”