Creating Strategic Messaging That Persuades, Energizes and Inspires: How Agencies Can Use Storytelling To Build Brands

Communicating an organization’s purpose, programs, and offerings is increasingly critical to all firms but the client’s inclination, to be descriptive and factual just does not work today if it ever did.  Today’s disinterested and skeptical audience will likely ignore such messaging and, even when those messages get through, they will usually be forgotten or distorted. 

What does work are signature stories, “once about a time…” authentic narratives that intrigue, involve and communicate the essence of the client’s brand.  Customers and employees need to understand and be inspired. Stories provide a way to break through distractions and disinterest to make an audience take notice, stay engaged, change perceptions, be inspired, and remember.    

While agencies inherently understands the value of storytelling, we all need to better understand how to sell that value to our clients and create the most effective stories possible.  

On October 11, join David Aaker, Vice Chairman, Prophet, for an in-depth discussion of why stories work, how to develop great stories and how to sell them to your client.

Key takeaways:

  • How to get clients to approve stories over simple facts and figures        
  • The futility of communicating facts and describing programs or offerings
  • The power of stories to persuade, energize and inspire
  • How stories persuade
  • How to source stories
  • What makes a great story
  • Dealing with story overload.

Who should attend:

People who have clients that need to communicate basic strategic messaging to disinterested and skeptical audiences in a complex media environment.

About David Aaker:

David Aaker is Vice-Chairman of Prophet, a member of the NYAMA Marketing Hall of Fame, and the author of 18 books on branding and related topics including Creating Signature Stories and Aaker on Branding.