Content Strategy: What you need to know

Whether you call it “branded content, content, content strategy, content development, social content” or any other term.  These terms now flow from everyone’s tongues like honey.  But what do they really mean? What do you as a marketer or agency strategist really need to know and understand?

On one hand, it’s simply not the case that all marketing communication woes can now be addressed by this magical thing called content.  On the other hand, content as a strategy for engaging prospects and customers is not going to go away and will continue to be an important traffic and sales generator for products and services of all kinds.  In this webclinic, we will separate the reality from the hype.  We will help senior marketers and agency strategists develop a high level view of the “content” space and its many sub-components and importantly, how they interact.  Further we will discuss how a content strategy needs to be organized at the executional level; what resources will be needed?  What should be in-house and outsourced and what are the benefits and downsides of each approach.

Participants will learn what makes a content strategy successful and how you can measure a campaign which carries with it such a high degree of subjective analysis?  If you are with an agency, how should you charge for individual content services including creation, strategy, placement and evaluation?

On April 27, join Bruce Carlisle as he shares his vision of an advanced content-enabled agency or communications department.  As a former digital agency CEO currently deeply involved in content strategy and generation, Bruce will share his definitions, organizational insights and in-market learning on the fast emerging (even maturing) phenomenon of “content” as a marketing tactic and channel.

Key takeaways:

  • How do you achieve measurable synergies between content strategy, advertising and PR?
  • See two to three case studies of “content” being effectively deployed as a marketing medium with success metrics
  • What skill sets need to be brought in house? What will be the production challenges?
  • How to make the case for content programs to your clients?  Is there an ROI calculation?
  • How can you evaluate the likely outcome of content strategy channels? When to use Twitter, IG, Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, Websites, Blogs most effectively
  • With “content” being the (a) buzzword du jour in marketing, what makes sense in terms of budgeting content versus other communication channels
  • Should an agency market everything it does as “content” or is there a case for retaining distinctions between advertising, web, PR, content etc.?  How you think about content and describe it to your clients may have a vast impact on success;

Who should attend:

Client marketing management, agency senior management, middle account management as well as creative, production and media leadership who need to better understand “content” as a marketing channel and medium.  Also, those needing insight on how to build the capability to create, sell, execute and measure content as a critical component of their marketing programs.

About Bruce Carlisle:

Bruce Carlisle has been an innovator and leader in digital marketing for more than twenty years.  He is currently deeply involved in content strategies, creation and measurement for his consulting clients.  He is currently building a broad-based multi-continent, multi-channel content program as one leg of a corporate communications and marketing strategy for Terrestrial Energy, a Canadian Advanced Nuclear Energy startup company.

After a career in media and account management at major New York agencies including Ogilvy, Grey, Della Femina and McCann Erickson and a stint with Ogilvy PR’s predecessor agency in Washington DC, Bruce moved to San Francisco to launch SF Interactive.  SF Interactive was among the first digital marketing agencies launched on the West Coast, bridging the then wide gap between web development studios and general advertising agencies.  Bruce was widely recognized as a leader in bringing creative people, media experts and technologists together to build novel and award-winning work to a roster of national clients at the dawn of the digital marketing industry.