Applying Agile Practices to Accelerate Agency Growth: How to create team workflow and structure to reduce costs, increase capacity and elevate quality

Many advertising and marketing agencies are struggling to deliver increasing amounts of digital and project-based work with their current operating model. Their margins, quality of work, team morale, and client experience suffer as a result. If this touches a nerve, it’s time to rethink how your agency works.

On July 24, join Brian Kessman, agency growth and operations consultant, as he provides practical guidance for how agencies can compete and grow more effectively in today’s market environment by restructuring teams and adopting agile working practices.

Attendees will gain perspective and insight into how they can begin to achieve the following:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced communication overhead
  • Reduced resourcing complexity
  • Simplified project and task management
  • Simplified communication channels
  • Reduced meetings
  • Greater team autonomy and accountability
  • Tighter camaraderie among team members
  • A culture of shared responsibility and professional excellence
  • Sustainable agency growth with reduced risk.

Key takeaways:

  • Client trends that point to the need for agencies to adopt agile working practices
  • Key questions you need to answer to align your agency on what “agile” means for you
  • The team structure that will reduce costs, increase speed and elevate quality
  • The guidelines that leadership and teams must follow for the successful use of agile working practices
  • A step-by-step plan for implementing and optimizing your use of agile practices

Who should attend:

Anyone in the agency involved in the scoping, pricing, resourcing, management or delivery of creative services.

About Brian Kessman:

Brian Kessman is President and Principal Consultant of Lodestar Digital Consulting. With twenty-years of industry experience and a specialization in building digital and project-based capabilities, Brian leads Lodestar’s Agency Advancement Program™ to help agency leaders scale their services for greater relevance, profitability and growth.

Aside from Lodestar, Brian is also the Director of Product Management for inMotionNow where he leads an Agile team of product managers, designers, and developers in the development of inMotion, a workflow management software suite for marketing and creative teams.

Brian is also a former judge for the FWA, an awards program focused on surfacing the most cutting-edge, innovative digital design and development work from our creative industry.