Aligning agency and client cultures: Getting your professional relationships right from the beginning

The pitch is won and it’s high fives across the new client-agency team… but for how long? How do smart agencies and clients build and sustain mutually productive cultural and professional relationships that stand the test of time—and deliver the goods every time?

The fact is, today’s average client-agency relationship expires in less than 3 years. This implies a staggering and very expensive divorce rate for all parties concerned. The critical importance of getting a client-agency relationship right so the team consistently delivers the highest levels of service, effectiveness and collaborative success should be obvious. But it’s clearly never easy.

How do you ensure you and your client/agency team maintain mutual enthusiasm, understanding, appreciation and respect? And how do you build and protect open lines of honest communication so your shared promises of being best-of-class, creative partners with common goals, standards and ambitions are kept?

Get it right and you will have a successful, long-term, mutually gratifying relationship, leading to financial reward, career advancement and new opportunities. Get it wrong and, whether client or agency, you’ve just wasted significant time, energy and money on a failed relationship that looks bad for everyone.

On July 13, join Phil Asche and Hayes Roth as they share a step by step approach to get client-agency relationships right from the beginning.

You’ll learn the key to success is less about technical mastery of the various marketing communications disciplines and more about the ability to work with different types of agency and client environments. It’s about earning and sharing mutual confidence, trust and, most importantly, long-term success.

Key takeaways:

  • Identifying key characteristics of different types of agency and client company personas
  • How to embrace different client/agency cultures while helping the other side appreciate and take advantage of your own as well?
  • What constitutes real dialogue between a client and agency?
  • How do you create openness and trust from the beginning of a new relationship?
  • What are the priority steps you should take first?
  • What are the positive differences this effort can make to your business?
  • What’s so hard about this and why you must master it?

 Who should attend:

Both client and agency personnel with account leadership or agency relationship responsibility as well as senior agency and client executives responsible for the growth of their respective businesses.

About Phil Asche and Hayes Roth:

Phil Asche served as Executive Vice President and Worldwide Account Director in the New York headquarters of Young & Rubicam and led Y&R’s worldwide work for major consumer and business to business clients such as American Express, Colgate-Palmolive and DuPont. For the past 10 years he has been senior partner, Relationship Audits & Management – a consultancy specializing in helping clients and agencies retain and develop their new and existing business relationships.

Hayes Roth’s career includes senior client advertising management positions at Campbell Mithun, Young & Rubicam and Saatchi & Saatchi, plus 20 years in global project leadership and as Chief Marketing Officer for Landor Associates, one of the world’s pre-eminent branding firms. During that time he also founded and lead his own marketing and business relationship management consultancies specializing in the healthcare, nonprofit, financial, and professional services industries.